Ruri Hibarigaoka
Kanji 雲雀丘 瑠璃
Romaji Hibarigaoka Ruri
Nicknames Hibari
Age 15-16
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Purple
Birthday July 9
Height 160cm
Blood Type B
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Occupation High School Student (1st year, Class 7)
School Tennomifune Academy
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Haruka Shiraishi

Ruri Hibarigaoka (雲雀丘 瑠璃 Hibarigaoka Ruri?), also known as Hibari (ヒバリ?) is one of the main characters and the deuteragonist of the Anne Happy♪ series. Hibari's kind of misfortune is "Tragic Love", and therefore enrolls at Tennomifune Academy.


Hibari has a fair complexion and sharp green eyes. Her long, indigo-purple hair reaches her hips with forelocks worn at chest length. She has straight cut bangs and accessories with a silver clip. At certain sections she has light purple coloring in her hair. With her uniform she wears white stockings with black Mary-Jane shoes.


Hibari is a very calm, collected girl with some sort of common sense as she claims, unlike the other students in her class that has horrible misfortune, but she has a strange romantic obsession with a construction sign. Despite this, she is very calm, kind and always speak politely. Hibari also tends to not show her true feelings and gets embarrassed if anyone finds out, and she also blushes very often, especially when in comes to the construction sign or love. However, after becoming friends with Hanako and Botan, Hibari becomes a more open person and is more honest to her feelings.


Her first day to school was normal, until she heard a dog barking. While following the bark, she saw that that Anne Hanakoizumi was hanging from a bridge with a shirt, surprising Hibari. When Hibari was about to help her, Hanako asked what her name was and there gave Hibari her nickname. However, Hanako fell in the water. After meeting up with Hanako later without her being injured, they become friends and ended up going to the same school and class. There, Hibari gives Hanako her nickname.


Since she has been in love with a construction sign, people have always teased her about this when they found out about it, especially in middle school. However, Hibari's love did not falter and she still loves the sign and claims that it is someone important to her. Hanako and the other understands this. She fell in love with the sign after one day walking home from grade school, where she at first didn't think any special about it, but came to like it as it always stood there without saying anything.

Her hobby is cooking, and she cooks everyday.


Anne HanakoizumiEdit

Hanako is the first person Hibari meets on her first day of high school. Despite being different, the two became friends very quickly. Hibari likes her cheerful attitude and becomes "infected" with it in a good way, causing her to smile more, which Hanako comments that she likes. When Hanako and Botan found about her love for the construction sign, she expected them to tease her, but they didn't, much to Hibari's surprise. This made Hibari trust and care for Hanako deeply, and she sees someone she can rely on, despite her air-headed personality. They are on good terms and close friends.

Botan KumegawaEdit

Botan is one of Hibari's first friends upon entering high school. Hibari commented on Botan being "weird" like Hanako, but she treasures her a close friend. She came to trust her when she didn't leave her for liking the construction sign. Hibari constantly helps Botan when she gets injured.


Image Name What they call Ruri What Ruri calls them
Ch1-off-1 Anne Hanakoizumi Hibari-chan Hanako
Ch3-off-1 (1) Botan Kumegawa Hibari-san Botan
Ch4-off-1 Hibiki Hagyu Hibarigaoka Hagyu-san
Ch5-off-1 Ren Ekoda Hibarigaoka-san Ren-san


  • At her first day in school, Hibari got the number 28. (The lower the number, the worse luck you have).


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