August 18: A Stormy Outdoor School
Anne happy ep11
8月18日 嵐の林間学校
Hachigatsu Jū-hachi-nichi: Arashi no Rinkan Gakkō
Japanese Air Date

June 16, 2016

Opening Punch Mind Happiness
Ending Because Tomorrow is Good
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July 20: Our Summer Vacation August 19: A Happy Outdoor School
August 18: A Stormy Outdoor School (8月18日 嵐の林間学校, Hachigatsu Jū-hachi-nichi: Arashi no Rinkan Gakkō?) is the eleventh episode of Anne Happy♪. The episode premiered on June 16, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

Class 7 goes on an outdoor school trip, where they start off with an arts and craft class making wood carvings. The next day, the students are thrown into an extreme game of tag in which they must recover their wood carvings and reunite with their teammates while avoiding Kodaira, Timothy, and his army of Mini-Timothys.

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August 18: A Stormy Outdoor School/Gallery

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