Anne Hanakoizumi
Kanji 花小泉 杏
Romaji Hanakoizumi An
Nicknames Hanako
Age 15-16
Gender Female
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Peach
Birthday December 31
Height 151 cm
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Sakura Hanakoizumi (Mother)
Occupation High School Student (1st year, Class 7)
School Tennomifune Academy
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Yumiri Hanamori

Anne Hanakoizumi (花小泉 杏 Hanakoizumi An?), also commonly known as Hanako (はなこ?) is the main protagonist of the Anne Happy♪ series. Despite having terrible luck, she has a very positive attitude.


Hanako is a young girl with average height and build. She has short, straight pale peach-orange hair with a small bun tied at the back with a white ribbon and somewhat messy bangs. Her eyes are dark pink. Hanako is usually seen with a normal Tennomifune Academy uniform for girls.


Hanako is a very cheerful, happy and positive girl despite having terrible luck. She can also be somewhat air-headed, but cares deeply for others. She loves animals, but gets constantly attacked by them.


Hanako is first seeing hanging from a bridge from her shirt on the first day of school. She had a dog at her chest that she saved from falling off of the bridge. She was utterly helpless there, until Ruri Hibarigaoka came. She tried to help Hanako but Hanako eventually fell into the water; giving Ruri the nickname Hibari before she fell. However, she wasn't injured and she became acquaintances with Hibari. Later, they end up in the same class.



Ruri HibarigaokaEdit

Hibari is the first person Hanako met, and she is also the one who saved her. Hanako gave her the nickname Hibari, and Hibari gave Hanako her nickname. They became friends very quickly, despite being quite different. They are on good terms and it is heavily implied that they are the closest to each other than the other girls. Hanako likes Hibari's smile and cares and trusts her.

Botan KumegawaEdit

Botan and Hanako also became friends very quickly. Hanako got very worried about Botan when she first shook her hand, causing it to get injured. They are quite alike, allowing them to sympathize with each other.

Hibiki HagyuEdit

Ren EkodaEdit


Image Name What they call Anne What Anne calls them
Ch2-off-1 Ruri Hibarigaoka Hanako Hibari-chan
Ch3-off-1 (1) Botan Kumegawa Hanako-san Botan-chan
Ch4-off-1 Hibiki Hagyu N/A Hibiki-chan
Ch5-off-1 Ren Ekoda Hanakoizumi-san Ren-chan


  • At her first day in school, Hanako got the number 40, which means that she has the worst luck in her class. (The lower the number, the worse luck you have).
    • There is also a pun on the words for the numbers, with 4 meaning 'death' and 0 meaning 'suffering' in japan.
  • She enrolled at the school only because it was close to her home.
  • Anne resembles Cocoa Hoto from Gochiusa/Is the Order a Rabbit?
    • Both girls have slightly similiar hair styles and coloring.
    • Both girls have a bright and perky personality with terrible luck.
  • Despite the claim that all animals hate her, the chick she obtains from her egg homework did not.


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